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Mar 25, 2007

In this programme, we discuss four different types of locations and the possible approaches to LED in each of them.

LED in four types of regions

Mar 24, 2007

This figure shows the framework that we refer to in the Podcast.
For a more systematic introduction of this framework, see Jorg Meyer-Stamer's recent paper on Regional Development Agencies at

Mar 19, 2007

In this program, we discuss the difference between strategy and strategic planning and the meaning of strategy for LED.

LED and Strategy

Mar 19, 2007

In the Podcast, we mention Henry Mintzberg's "5 Ps of Strategy". There is more information available  at
We also mention David La Piana, the author of "Play to Win. The Nonprofit Guide to Competitive Strategy". You can find a Podcast where he presents some of...

Mar 7, 2007

Why has Local Economic Development received so much attention in recent years, both by local actors and by national governments?