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Mar 7, 2007

Why has Local Economic Development received so much attention in recent years, both by local actors and by national governments?

SBA Loans
fourteen and a half years ago

As you have noticed in the last years the economy has not been very \"healthy\" and this LED project is the key to creating a new prosperous eeconomical enviroment.

over fifteen years ago

what a pity the sound of JMS is so bad - it could be an interesting feature!

Mlungisi Somhlahlo
over fifteen years ago

The Podcast download can not be opened and this for me is an interesting topic. I would be glad if you can make this podcast of Why LED? to be easily accessible.

Zini Godden
over fifteen years ago

Great!!! The sound was very clear, download easy...why it this not publisised wider??? Only got to know about it last week, look forward to the others.