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Mar 19, 2007

In this program, we discuss the difference between strategy and strategic planning and the meaning of strategy for LED.

Frigidaire Parts
over fifteen years ago

I love creativity and it being promoted as a value, but when it comes to creativity and government supporting it, the matter changes drastically because I do not believe in the government\'s sincere interest in promoting creativity on a large scale.

over sixteen years ago

I am really satisfied with this episode (the same with other episode). This episode is very informative or instructional because of its comprehensive and extensive topic discussed not only the LED strategy but the NonProfit Guide cast which is i like most. I like how David present and discussed his topics especially the uniqueness of the NonProfit Org. He also tackle many related issues such as strategies, the government, the business sectors and the foundations. also discussed topics which are based from professional experiences such as collaborative efforts, the donors,the people in need and the differences of organizations. And lastly and most impressive aspects are that, they are genuinely works for underseved community and other social works and innovations. Perosnally, I like social works also. This is totally incredible podcast. The LED, in general, must promote this site more because it brings key people into the right thinking and creativity. At this point in time, i have no any comments and i hope this site will continue its goal. Looking forward for next episodes and whereever I go, il visit this site.

Sincerely yours,
LED student of
Mr. Wältring/Lectures

Zini Godden
almost sixteen years ago

Every time I listen to this perspective on strategy I become more and more concerned about the great focus on strategy as plan in SA? But to do it any other way wold be like moving against the tide, the main challenge is how do we ensure that the LED strategic planning processes in the country are strategic and that the plans that flow out of these take into consideration the organic nature of LED..Can I disseminate info on the site?